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Sorry, but I'm also leaving [30 Nov 2004|08:25pm]

I found one that looks to be promising. I just can't be Emma... bleh. I'm going to use this journal for Manny on that one, so please remove it from your friends lists. If you want, feel free to add my personal journal (anothertwoam) to your persona journals' friends list. I love friends! Good luck y'all ;)
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[26 Oct 2004|10:16pm]

What is the story with this community? Can we all start this back up again? Otherwise, I'll find a new RP...
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[10 Oct 2004|08:43pm]

ooc: sorry guys, im gonna have to leave this rp. its been fun, but its sorta dead and no one updates. so bye!
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OOC: Newbie [01 Oct 2004|06:58pm]

Hey! Well I am your Sean Cameron... This is his journal, add it please? I'll add it back....

Anyone have any Icons of Sean I can use? I have a few but not many and I can't make icons worth a crap....

My AIM for sean is SHopeCameron

And for those who want it my OOC AIM is Altalta Dimmit

I'm happy to be in this RPG, can't wait to start.
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So, what's next? [19 Sep 2004|02:58pm]

[ mood | curious ]

{There isn't a list on the info page, so I'm not sure how many characters we still have left to get ... but even so, what's next? I really want to do this, but with the schedule I'm going to be having this year, I need to know what our schedule is going to be. Are we going to have school start on like the day of the first episode, Oct. 1st? Maybe we should keep a schedule on the info as well. Or whatever. Anyway, let me know -- oh, and anyone who's new, if you've added me, I'll add you back.

ps -- anyone else getting a lot of ims from people who think you're really the actor for your character? I am! I think I need to put something in my profile about how this is just an rpg sn and link to the journal, because I get about 5 a day. :x}

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mooore icons! [16 Sep 2004|05:50pm]

that time again.

+2 craig
+2 emma (i think they're super cool pictures)
+1 marco (picture altered slightly so it doesnt say adamo ruggiero)


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more icons! [12 Sep 2004|06:59pm]

and there was much rejoicing.

+1 friends only banner (kind of small, sorry)
+1 craig/jimmy/sean/spinner/marco
+1 paige/dean
+1 sean
+1 ash(melissa)/ellie(stacy
+1 craig/ash
+2 paige
+3 marco
+1 jt
+1 jay
+1 the band
+1 paige/dylan
+2 craig
+1 alex
+1 emma


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[12 Sep 2004|06:19pm]

hey guys i've been really busy lately and i dont have time to update that much so im gonna stop being manny. whoever would like to be manny would you please IM me on Loserofamerica1. thanks <3 JJ
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[12 Sep 2004|12:04pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hey guys, I'm now taking requests for anything you need for your degrassi journal. Icons, layouts, etc. If you have a request, then just comment! I have a few of my icons saved, so theres a preview under the cut. TEASERS!Collapse )

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[11 Sep 2004|11:02pm]

{this is my first time making icons, so tell me what you think of them. just comment if you take any, i dont care if you credit me.

+3 paige (one could be considered kind of spolierish if you havent seen ghost in the machine. if you want to, IM me at sasquatch singer and ill IM it to you. if your not in the community, dont bother, i wont. but dont comment, because i wont get back to you right away, just IM me and tell me who you play in the community)
+3 marco (one is vote for marco. also, on one i cut out dylan because i didnt like him in this picture, but if you want that, comment.)
+1 alex (vote for alex)
+1 manny
+1 jt
+1 emma
+1 dylan
+1 ash and craig
+1 spinner and paige
+1 spinner

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if you want a variation of one of these, aka a certain color, or font, or writing with a different picture, just comment. if the picture isnt here, i probably dont have it, so if you want another picture leave it in a comment or the link to it. hope you enjoy! i might x-post in degrassi_tng but without the downloading availibility, and more of a pimping purpose, but im not sure yet. oh, and upload to your own server, blah blah blha. just save it in case something happens on picture trail.}
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OCC [11 Sep 2004|04:45pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey guys! I made a Craig/Ashley friends only banner. I just recently got photoshop back, so everything I make sucks right now. If anybody wants this, they can take it, you don't have to credit cause it's definately not one of my best! If you guys ever have any requests, I'll do what I can!
friendsCollapse )

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ooc [11 Sep 2004|09:35am]

{sorry guys but i'm really not allowed to go on livejournal for a while because of the school year starting so i'm not gonna be able to post but i'll try to whenever my mom lets me... i hope that i don't get banned from this community because i like it alot}
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[10 Sep 2004|11:55pm]

does anyone know of any other Alex pictures besides the two @ degrassi.tv and the one at the-n.com? I am having a tough time finding good Alex pictures... hopefully when the new season starts there will be more floating around.

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new character [10 Sep 2004|09:52pm]

OOC: Hey guys, we have a Kendra! It's kendragirl so update your friends list!
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[08 Sep 2004|07:44pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

hey degrassi...

this is alex, i got a screen name- it's upfrontalex . IM me or whatever, i might respond if i like you.


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[08 Sep 2004|07:30pm]

wat other characters is there left.. i dunno care who it is.. it has to be a girl tho. but i guess if there is ABSOLUTELY noone left, i can take a guy.. pref. Dyaln( cuase a a sexy mofo!) :)
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[07 Sep 2004|04:27pm]

[ mood | blank ]

Hey guys i just wanted to tell you that i finally got my screen name for manny and its Mannylicious05 any one can add me.

oh and my real livejournal is


anyone can add me and ill add you back. <33

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[07 Sep 2004|04:20pm]

hey guys, just wanted to let you all know my aim sn..
it's xohsoelliex
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[07 Sep 2004|03:51pm]

hey guys, i just wanted to let you know i finally got a screen name! it's "sasquatch singer". exciting, eh? so, add me, and leave me yours!
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The Ashley Decision [07 Sep 2004|03:39pm]

Hey All:

Well, we've finally come to our desicion on which ashley we are going to keep. We made this desicion on participation, journal style, icons, and effort.

Ok so enough padding. Here she is:


Thanks ashley_kerwin_ for participating and trying. I'm so sorry we couldn't choose two, but things would get weird that way.
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